Design THinking Philanthropy Resources


Designing for Social Systems, Stanford

Effective Philanthropy Learning Initiative, housed at Stanford PACS, directed by Nadia Roumani

Papers, Articles, and Blogs

Social Impact by Design, Book Review of Design Thinking for the Greater Good, Nadia Roumani, Stanford Social Innovation Review (Winter 2018)

Design Thinking as a Turnaround Tool, Kriss Deiglmeier, Nadia Roumani, & Amanda Greco, Stanford Social Innovation Review (July 2017)

Human-Centered, Systems-Minded Design, Thomas Both, Stanford Social Innovation Review (March 2018)

August 2017 Designing for Social Systems Workshop Summary, Nadia Roumani (January 2018)

Think Like a Designer for Greater Impact in Philanthropy, Exponent Philanthropy PhilanthroFiles Blog, September 2015

Problem Solving, Human-Centered Design, and Strategic Processes, Paul Brest, Nadia Roumani, and Jason Bade

Design Thinking and Strategic Philanthropy - Raikes Foundation Case Study, Nadia Roumani, Paul Brest and Olivia Vagelos


Design Thinking for the Social Sector Stanford Social Innovation Review Webinar Series (December 2017 and February 2018)

Design Thinking for Social Change, Stanford Social Innovation Review Webinar Series (October and November 2015)

- Design Thinking to Solve Social Problems with Nadia Roumani

- Design Thinking to Drive Organizational Strategy with Nadia Roumani and Paul Brest

External Resources's Recommended Reading List -

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Applied Design Thinking blogs

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Human Centered Design for Cultural Institutions by Dana Mitroff Silvers

Design Thinking Philanthropy by Nadia Roumani